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Talassio 4 Art

Grand Hotel Alassio meets Art

This summer, Grand Hotel Alassio has decided to surprise and delight you with an artistic journey created in collaboration with prominent Italian art galleries.

Welcome to Grand Hotel Alassio and prepare to enjoy a relaxing seaside holiday, immersing yourself in our Wellness center Thalassio Medical Spa and surrounding yourself with the beauty of the Talassio for Art exhibition’s artworks. The works, which you will find exhibited in communal spaces as well as in your rooms, explore multiple themes, from the advertising of the 20s, to rock music and pop icons.

Your imagination will be captured by these works of art, from Ruben & Eva’s handcrafted clay donuts topped with pastel colored glaze and finished with the famous Louis Vuitton logo, to Jonathan Griffith’s Chupa Chups decorated with renowned luxury brands, and John Petschinger’s iconic Campbell Sauce, with its unmissable gold leaf dusting.

Let yourself be challenged and inspired by Josh Mahaby’s representation of the famous video game character, with the unforgettable red hat, in his work Super Fashion Mario, and by Stefano Porcini’s Daft Punk, which fuses modern technologies with traditional craftsmanship. Amanda Toy’s Pink Guernica, which reinterprets a Picasso masterpiece in a vibrant, eye-catching style, and Rian Betina’s big donuts, with their soft, shocking pink, are both sure to move you.

Continuing along the hall, towards the beach, you will be enchanted by Paolo De Cuarto’s contemporary artworks, which interpret the modern world through a decadent, poetic perspective and depict romantic, sensual and mysterious female figures.

Or, even the Italian artist Tommy Goodman with his unique and contemporary style which instantly captures the eye and reverence of the viewer. His artworks pay homage to strong men, emperors, astronauts and fictional characters.

It would be impossible not to notice the magnificent Liberty and Art Déco advertisements, which showcase, with great romanticism, the evolution of the medium in Italy, over the last seventy years.

Moreover, passing in front of the Grand Boutique you will find the numerical concept of Stefano Lubatti made on jute canvas and enriched with beautiful acrylic colors and metal wires.

Finally, the sand-based sculptures and paintings by the Piedmontese maestro Elio Garis will take you on an memorable journey into the exclusive world of Italian design and artistry. In fact, the celebrated sculptor has come to Alassio after countless travels, drawing artistic inspiration from every corner of the world.

We leave you the freedom to interpret these beautiful works of art, which will accompany us throughout the summer here at the Grand Hotel.

This exhibition of artwork in our prestigious spaces, has been organized in collaboration with: Daniele Comelli, whose Online Gallery proposed a range of works by young and talented international artists; Matteo Bellenghi Modern and Contemporary Art, which led us to discover contemporary artist Paolo de Cuarto - “l’artista del muro vintage sulla tela”; and with Alessandro Bellenda’s Galleria d’Arte L’Image in Alassio, with its rich collection of advertisements.

The important collaboration with the Piedmontese maestro Elio Garis, with his insatiable desire to harmoniously combine diverse and uncommon materials, such as stained glass, plaster, sand, and many others, has allowed us to display his impressive multi-media sculptures.

Finally, the collaboration with the contemporary artist Stefano Lubatti and Tommy Goodman that with his pieces inspire the viewer to strive for such greatness and strength as his protagonists.

All the works exhibited are for sale.

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