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Talassio 4 Art

Grand Hotel Alassio meets Art

What is an Art Hotel? It’s a special space, where works of art are directly displayed both in public areas and in private suites - an original way to breathe art since your breakfast.

Welcome at Grand Hotel Alassio, and be ready to delve in the beauty of Talassio 4 Art collection, a widespread exhibition born from the collaboration with Matteo Bellenghi Modern and Contemporary Art, Galleria d’Arte L’Image di Alessandro Bellenda di Alassio, Galleria d’Arte online Daniele Comelli Art and thanks to Elio Garis master sculptor’s and Stefano Lubatti’s solo exhibits.

Wander in our Hotel, and you’ll travel with your imagination through advertisements from the 20s, Liberty and Art Déco works, and Pop pieces created by famous artists such as Ruben & Eva, Jonathan Griffith, John Petschinger, Josh Mahaby, Stefano Porcini, Amanda Toy, Rian Betina, Paolo De Cuarto and Tommy Goodman.

You’ll experience an emotional walk revealing installations, photos, original affiches, canvases decorated using the most diverse materials and much more. Feel free to enjoy and interpret these vibrant art expressions accompanying your stay here at Grand Hotel Alassio.

All the works exhibited are for sale.

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