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Tasting the Italian Dolce Vita

Treat yourself to the luxury of small joys here at GHA

Pizza and gelato, to underline a love for good food. Not a pizza and gelato whatsoever, of course - but the very best.

Our pizza signed by Zio Mo’

An experience created for you to leave your troubles at home and share some quality time with the loved ones, doing your favourite things. Here you won’t wear a tie, a business suit or heeled pumps. Here you’ll just savour a product that immediately tastes like family, sharing and love: this is what pizza is about.

A Neapolitan pizza under the Master’s supervision of Stefano Miozzo, World Champion of Pizza in Pala and Classic Pizza (beyond other 3 world prizes), this pizza features a light, 48 hours-rising dough, and first quality, selected toppings on both classic and gourmet versions. Enjoy it at lunch-time under your beach umbrella, or have a pizza dinner paired with fresh craft beer or with the most exclusive Italian and French sparkling wines - or dare the ad hoc pairing with our bartenders’ signature cocktails.

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Grand Gelato Verolatte

Pizza & Gelato, the best couple ever. That’s why we asked Massimiliano Scotti to join the team. Massimiliano has been awarded 3 cones by the prestigious Gambero Rosso Guide as #1 Gelato Master in Europe. And exactly close to our Piano Mare Lounge Bar, Massimiliano Scotti’s Gelateria attracts people worldwide with its “Grand Gelato” neon sign and its tropical décor.

Ten flavours, always changing according to the kitchen menu and to the current season. This is genuine gelato as it once was, the gelato we like, the one dripping on your fingers when you greedily eat it, as it’s all natural. A gelato that pleases all palates, everybody love it. Totally gluten free, it makes of processing quality and seasonality of the ingredients its true pride and forte.

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