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A romantic fishing village in the shadow of a church.

While staying in Alassio, you may visit many other interesting places on the Ligurian Riviera, such as Laigueglia, a romantic village by the sea, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Only 5 km separate it from Alassio, so an easy day trip destination. The particularity of this village is the fusion of the town with the sea. Picture postcard image, the beach in winter with the colourful boats, the nets set out to dry, the backdrop of colourful buildings, the green ribbon of hills. Laigueglia has remained unchanged over time and retains the charm of a seaside village in the shadow of the 17th-century church dedicated to San Matteo. The two tiled bell towers of this seventeenth-century place of worship are clearly visible from every corner of the village. As well as being picturesque, the twin bell towers are also a little bizarre, as they have different heights and the crosses on their tops are oriented according to the sea winds: mistral and libeccio. A declaration of the close link between the village and the sea. The best way to get in tune with the soul of the place is to wander around the alleyways, carruggi and small squares, losing yourself in hidden corners.

Not to be missed: the Bastione del Cavallo, a large 16th century tower erected on the seashore to protect the village from Turkish raids, later transformed into a prison and lazaret. The Oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena (1616-34), where you can admire two moving votive offerings: one depicting the shipwreck of coral boats and the other a pirate attack. Ex-votos of sailors and fishermen can also be found in the recently restored Church of the Immaculate Conception from 1661.

The ascent to the solitary chapel of Our Lady of the Feathers, built by Catalan coral fishermen in the 17th century, is beautiful. It stands perched on the rocks of the Capo Mele promontory, the closest place on the mainland to Corsica: 140 kilometres. The most important historical event of the summer is the 'Week of the Landing of the Saracens', which relives the landing of the corsair Dragut in 1546. Dragut plundered and sacked the town. The highlight of the event is the reconstruction of the battle at sea with a fireworks display.

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