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Stefano and the mixology art

The Bar Manager at Grand Hotel Alassio reveals to us what are the secrets of working behind the bar counter of a Grand Hotel.

Saturday 24 June 2023

Stefano, which cocktails are the most requested by local and international clients?

Local clients tend to ask for classic cocktails most of all,while international clients, and particularly Anglo-Saxons,are always very attracted by new proposals, even for cultural reasons having to do with their daily consumption of cocktails. Also in this field, fads are determinant.

What are the best sellers in Summer?

In Summer we have two spots with totally different tasks. Our beach bar serves fruit-based and crushed drinks, while in our lounge bar champagne-based and classics revisited are very appreciated.

You’ve been working in this sector for many years now. How did the mixology world change compared with the past?

The first thing popping in my mind is the major space given to creativity. Years ago, bartenders didn’t have the opportunity to express their talent and even the work environment itself was definitely more rigid. Today, always maintaining an adequate style, working in a luxury bar has become more fun both for those who work there, and for the guests.

Low or no ABV are among the 2023 beverage trends. What is your opinion on this topic?

I’ve always been passionate about introducing mocktails and low ABV drinks, and I believe that, over the years, they’ll be increasingly in demand. There are more people than we believe who love light drinks and who expect to be considered as important as alcoholic drinks consumers.

Let’s play and suggest a cocktail for every moment of the day

Before lunch, I would suggest a Bloody Mary, our Afternoon Martini (made with chinotto di Savona marmalade) in the noon by aperitivo time, it’s challenging… I would personally drink a Tommy’s Margarita with Mezcal and saffron. For an after dinner, instead, I would opt for an

Old Fashioned, but made using a Japanese Whisky.

Can you give us some tips about making a perfect cocktail at home?

If you want to make a perfect cocktail at home, two tips are fundamental (and they are the same tips I share with my own staff): product quality and searching for the perfect balance. If product quality is easily found by purchasing from specialized wine shops, the balance will of

course be found - this applies to beginners most of all- closely following doses and recipes.


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