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The original advertising posters of the 20th century are in Alas

The Image Gallery in Alassio

Sunday 22 May 2022

It is more than 24 years that the Galleria L’Image of Alassio, opened in May 1998, is one of the most stocked and renowned showrooms of the Italian scene, specialized in the buying and selling of authentic XX century advertising posters. Located in the beautiful Piazza Partigiani, it provides assistance and suggestions designed to satisfy every client’s need concerning style, colour and layout for the decoration of private residences and public establishments, granting a tailored service. The owner Alessandro Bellenda is a passionate collector who proposes a remarkable and exceptional collection of both Italian and international “affiche” of every style and period, granting and important research of material for museums, foundations, business archives, architects and interior designers. There is usually a relationship of trust and respect between the gallery and these institutions. Not surprisingly, some collections are temporally provided to actual showrooms, some of them are of international fame. The posters show an excellent and perfect preservation state, thanks to rigorous techniques of paper texturing that give a fabric-like texture to paper which purpose is to preserve their quality. Their value lies in their adaptability which allows to achieve harmony with various room contexts with different chromatic and stylistic characteristics. The gallery creates ad-hoc frames with the help of an entrusted framer to further emphasise the beauty of the posters; frames play an important role. The gem of the shop is a precious archive of pictures relating to thousands of old posters of any kind and period which traces back to 1900’s history through an accurate and original research.

 When was Galleria L’Image born and with which purpose? The Galleria was born on May 1998 with the purpose of unify the owner’s passion with the one of other collectionists or simply interested people. Alessandro Bellenda has been a big fan since he was a child, in fact at the age of 7 years old he received a train reproducing a model of “La Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits” that became the first piece of his vast collection. 

Your proposal is a remarkable collection of Italian and international posters. Is it possible to define the historical evolution of our Country through this filter? Yes, absolutely. The posters in my gallery are a glimpse of Italy and the world in the last 70 years. 

Offering the possibility of a themed collection, the gallery builds a more and more personal relationship with its clients. Which are the advantages of a tailored relationship with the client? A relationship based on trust is what grows with the gallery’s clients, since my constant research allows to satisfy even the most demanding of the clients, who fully rely on me. 

L’Image is also available to search material for museums, foundations, business archives and interior designers. Being unique and rare pieces, big museums and institutions found in the Galleria the perfect place where to find rare archives; moreover, also architects and interior designers reach out to us in order to give a vintage touch to the interiors. 

The choice of an adequate frame permits to further emphasize the beauty of the posters. How are the Image’s frames built? The frames are made in close cooperation with a framer, with whom we created a strong relationship based on trust. It is due to remind that the frame underlines even more the beauty of the posters. 

What is the advantage of being located in such a charming city like Alassio? Alassio represents one of the most popular seaside cities of Ponente Ligure and it is considered the “Reginetta (Queen) della Riviera delle Palme”. The beach, the glamour, the “Muretto” and the “Baci di Alassio” (Alassio’s Kisses) are known across the globe; being this close to France made me think that this was the ideal place to give life to my dream. 

Which is your relationship with Grand Hotel Alassio Beach & Spa Resort and in which occasions did you collaborate with the five stars hotel? An excellent relationship that has been built over the years; I believe in creative synergy and the Hotel is one of the most representative of the city. Thanks to the arrival of the new General Manager Gianluca Borgna, surprises and new set-ups will not be missing.

Which one was the most important advertisement poster showcased in your gallery? Undoubtedly, among our favourites we can count Bally shoes, which is still inside the gallery, and some posters of the drinks Amaro Felsina Ramazzotti, Milano.

Written by Indira Fassioni 


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